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6 immediate benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Copilot

Aldrik de Jongh
30 Oct, 2023

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot is the world’s first turnkey generative AI copilot for CRM and ERP, boosting the productivity of teams across sales, marketing, and customer service, and helping them focus on what matters most. Since its debut in early 2023, over 63,000 organizations have already benefited from Copilot features.

One of the many Copilot enthusiasts is Aldrik de Jongh, Sr Business Consultant CRM at HSO. In this blog, Aldrik explains how Copilot delivers six immediate benefits for Customer Service teams.

From onboarding challenges to increasing workload and time pressure

“Many customer service teams face limited resources and high turnover of agents. Keeping the team and its skills at a level that meets customer expectations is an ongoing challenge for most organizations that have a service team in place. Another key issue is the ability to scale up easily. Customers expect 24/7 support and a consistent experience, via any channel. How can teams be efficient and offer personalized assistance at the same time?

All of this adds to the constant pressure that is part of the daily business for service agents, who have to resolve multiple cases simultaneously, while communicating via different channels, which can lead to possible mistakes and lower customer satisfaction.”

Why wait?

6 immediate benefits of Copilot and AI for Customer Service

When we talk to customers about the opportunities Copilot offers their customer service teams, I demonstrate the following 6 benefits:
  • 1

    Efficient Issue Resolution

    Copilot can quickly identify and resolve high volumes of common customer issues, saving time and money and reduce human feedback.

  • 2

    Improved employee productivity

    AI automates repetitive tasks, such as summarization of communication strings and conversation summaries, freeing up customer service employees to focus on complex issues.

  • 3

    24/7 availability

    AI-powered self-service is available around the clock, allowing customer to get help anytime, anywhere and fasten up response times.

  • 4

    Consistent Service Quality

    Accurate and consistent responses across all communication channels and providing a reliable customer experience.

  • 5

    Multilingual Support

    AI-powered language translation capabilities to assist customers in their preferred language, breaking down language barriers.

  • 6

    Personalized Experience

    AI algorithms analyze customer data to offer personalized recommendations and solutions.

AI empowers customer service agents

Customer service centers are often seen as a cost center, but they can actually be one of the main sources of value and profit. They can be the best investment in building customer relationships, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. They are also the best source of customer data."

I often get the question if AI will replace service desk employees. But actually, the opposite is true. AI boosts the agent efficiency and productivity significantly. By having a digital copilot handle so many time consuming, administrative tasks for them, the agents will have more time to give valuable attention to customers. And customers will experience better service and care.

We expect, and this is already available and within your reach with Copilot, that customer service agents will work alongside AI systems, accessing information faster, composing answers faster, offering better solutions and personalized service.”

Demo: watch how Copilot works

Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service uses generative AI to transform your service team's daily work, across all your engagement channels. Easy access to knowlegde,  automated summaries and optimized responses, all generated in one click.

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Proven effectiveness of Customer Service Copilot

Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a turnkey generative AI tool that provides amazing support for agents of all experience levels. It has already proven its effectiveness, especially in Microsoft’s own Customer Service and Support Team. This team reported that onboarding new agents and getting them up to speed went much faster using Copilot. Also, more cases were solved faster, without help from peers. Often, support agents reach out to colleagues for help, but Copilot enabled them to find solutions themselves.”

Why wait? Start transforming your service teams today!

“Why wait? is my next question, when talking to customers. For companies already using Dynamics 365 Customer Service, our CRM teams are ready to organize demos and support your teams with practical use cases and training.

For organizations that are considering a new CRM solution, we see that Copilot is a very strong differentiator that adds a lot of capabilities and value to the already strong and comprehensive Dynamics 365 CRM platform.

Our CRM consultants are very enthusiastic about the capabilities of Copilot, and this. Interested in a 1-1 or personalized demo? Please fill in the contact form and we will get in touch!”

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