5 FAQ’s about Microsoft FastTrack for Dynamics 365

Jeroen Leeflang
08 Jan, 2024

Recently, HSO announced its engagement in the Portfolio Model with FastTrack for Dynamics 365. Our engagement in the Portfolio Model offers all our customers access to FastTrack guidance and support, through our Centers of Excellence. But what is Microsoft FastTrack, and what does it mean for our customers? In this blog we ask Jeroen Leeflang, FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect, 5 Frequently Asked Questions around the FastTrack program and services.

1. What is Microsoft FastTrack for Dynamics 365?

Jeroen: “FastTrack is Microsoft’s customer success service designed to help our customers implement and go live successfully, realizing more business value. FastTrack offers best practices, resources, various practical tools and expert advice and is run by the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Engineering Team. For solution architects like me, it’s an important source of expertise, that helps us as a partner to accelerate Dynamics 365 implementations and successful go-lives.”

2. How do our customers benefit from our engagement with the Portfolio Model with FastTrack?

Jeroen: “Customers have a lot of advantages from our engagement in the Portfolio Model with FastTrack. First, because of our direct access to the Microsoft FastTrack expert teams, who I speak to weekly. Previously, only customers of a certain size were eligible for FastTrack support. With this new model, every customer can benefit from FastTrack via the quality assurance of the Center of Excellence and access to FastTrack where that is needed. And not only during implementation, but for the complete lifecycle of Dynamics 365.

Through our Centers of Excellence and direct connections to the Microsoft FastTrack team, we have access to ongoing guidance on best practices, and have all expertise at hand on how to prepare for a successful implementation and roll-out. Not only on project delivery, but also on the onboarding of end users and how to grow our customers’ capabilities. In short: customers profit from valuable insights around solution implementation, onboarding, and continued education.”

3. How does a partner become engaged in the Portfolio Model with FastTrack?

Jeroen: “To become a partner in this program, it’s a requirement to have a Center of Excellence in place, in which solution architects with the highest level of certifications in Customer Engagement and/or Finance and Operations collaborate. At HSO, we have our local and regional Centers of Excellence, that provide quality assurance of project design and solution architecture. Through our QA workshops with customers, we are for example able to identify and manage potential risks at an early stage, which prevents delays or obstacles in the project later on.”

4. What is the Success by Design Framework?

Jeroen: “Succes by Design is Microsoft’s delivery framework designed for FastTrack customers. It helps FastTrack solution architects like me to effectively engage with the customer’s team. It offers, for example topic-specific reviews and prescriptive guidance that provide a reliable path to success. By using Success by Design, we can overall collaborate more effectively, and our customers are able to onboard the Dynamics 365 platform faster.”

5. What is the experience of HSO customers with Microsoft FastTrack?

Jeroen: “In our experience, we find the quality assurance workshops very helpful. In these workshops, in which our project team and the customer’s team are present, the Center of Excellence members are like an extra pair of eyes and sounding board, reviewing the solution design and architecture. When we identify risks or other obstacles, we can address these in an early stage and when necessary, we can connect to the Microsoft FastTrack team. This quality assurance ensures that the project teams are better aligned and improves the project's eventual outcome.

The collaboration with the Microsoft FastTrack team is very good and valuable. Weekly we discuss either general topics valuable for all our customers or we discuss very specific customer issues. In this model, both are possible and help us to deliver even more quality to our customers. We have a very open communication with FastTrack and together, HSO and FastTrack, we are driven to make this a success for our customers.”

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