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4 Ways Construction Companies Can Put Their Experience to Work to Win More Business

Of the many possible competitive differentiators any construction company can point to, perhaps the most powerful is relevant experience—at both the company and the team-member level. The ability to tap into this information can not only improve the chances of winning a bid, but it can help determine which bids to pursue in the first place, saving countless hours and expenses on bids that offer less chance of winning.

But using spreadsheets and manual processes is not an effective way to manage your company’s experience data. You need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution like HSO’s construction360.

Purpose-built for the construction industry, construction360 takes advantage of the comprehensive marketing and business development capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365, pre-configuring them to meet the unique needs of the industry. This includes tools that can help you leverage your company’s experience and qualifications to choose which opportunities to pursue and create winning proposals more efficiently—tools that track:

  • Project history and experience
  • Clients you’ve worked for
  • Partners, like engineering and architecture firms, you’ve worked with
  • Geographic locations of projects and local subcontractors
  • Team members involved in a project, along with their relevant qualifications

With this rich information at their fingertips, your business development and marketing teams can work smarter and more efficiently.

Here are 4 ways construction360 can help you leverage your company’s experience to pursue and win the right projects. 

1. Matching the right experience to proposals 

With your company’s project history, employee experience and qualifications, and other relevant information stored in construction360 rather than in scattered Word documents or the heads of your SMEs, your marketing team can stay organized and more efficiently manage the proposal process. With user-friendly search tools, construction360 enables you to quickly find exactly what you need, including similar projects by size, type, and market, what was done, and who worked on the project. As an added bonus, construction360 will also embed your project images, allowing you to easily find them and integrate them into your proposal documents.

Sample historic project record
Sample historic project record

2. Integrating firm-wide data for a 360-degree view 

Marketing teams for construction companies should not operate in a silo. Proposal development requires collaboration at all levels and across multiple departments, which is extremely time-consuming and can slow the proposal process down significantly if you don’t have the proper tools. construction360 has advanced automation and integration features that help ensure data is always up to date and easy to access. Your proposal preparation process will be much more efficient and accurate thanks to: 

  • Data from your accounting, HR, and project management systems, integrated with your CRM and centralized in one place—and further organized by construction360 to present only the information needed in the desired format
  • Marketing data that is always up to date—as projects evolve, so does the associated data 
  • Access to information anytime, anywhere, for fast response to client requests (including mobile devices)
Sample project record with values and dates
Sample project record with values and dates

3. Automating proposal generation processes 

By generating resumes and project cut sheets directly from construction360, your marketing team can significantly reduce time spent preparing these documents. Users can create custom templates or modify out-of-the-box templates and dynamically extract the most relevant project and employee information, which is presented in their preferred output formats (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, and even standard industry forms)—providing the choice of output based on document style and templates used. Your marketing team can create branded templates so users across all departments, offices, and regions always stay current and on brand.

Example of a project sheet generation

4. Preserving data integrity

With construction360, anyone can make updates to project or resume data without risking data contamination. Set up automated approval processes that send notifications to designated marketing resources about data changes or enable review/approval requests before changes are made permanent to make sure you always have the most up-to-date information. 

Depend on construction360 for a competitive edge

construction360 can change the way you organize and leverage your project experience, offering:

  • Centralized experience data that reduces proposal development from days to hours by enabling fast, more efficient data collection and compilation 
  • A single source of up-to-date project data that enables marketers to focus on marketing rather than spending their time manually chasing down information
  • Familiar Microsoft user interfaces that reduce change management and result in faster and higher user adoption
  • Flexibility to customize the solution to meet your firm’s unique requirements
  • A design specifically for construction companies, with usability, security, and accessibility across any device

Learn how construction360 can help your construction company.

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