Arrested Development: Realigning ERP with positive police outcomes

This whitepaper, the second in a four-part series, looks at how advances in  cloud computing, is freeing individual police forces to implement solutions at a pace that suits their own needs and budgets

A picture of a British mounted police

Improving access and connecting police services with ERP

This series looks at barriers to ERP change, and ways in which they can be overcome. It explores the latest developments in ERP, demonstrating why now is the time for police forces across the country to look again at how deployment of ERP platforms can help drive organisational change, enabling optimal management of resources and unlocking efficiencies on a greater scale.

The end result: is a more efficient judicial system and safer and more receptive communities.

Unlocking technological potential for police forces

This paper, the second in the series, looks at the importance of adopting a platform-first approach to deliver modern agile policing. A platform that, with the right approach, will allow police forces to build and deliver solutions on top of single data sources and so simplify integration between different applications, helping reduce silos and improve collaboration.

APCC/NPCC Policing Vision 2025

"The increasing availability of information and new technologies offers us huge potential to improve how we protect the public. Digitisation also offers significant potential to accelerate business processes, manage risk more effectively and revolutionise the criminal justice process (9).”