Planned Purchase Order Overview

The bridge between strategic sourcing and procurement

As the bridge between strategic sourcing and procurement, contract lifecycle management is becoming a primary means for organizations to improve process standardization, contract compliance, and transparency in procurement.

A major part of the cost of sales comes from what has been spent by the purchasing department. Since profit margins are already thin, there is a need to optimize planned purchase orders carefully. Purchase requests and orders arise on many occasions, manually by employees or after running master planning. For that reason, it is sometimes not easy to keep track.

Planned Purchase Order Overview offers significant functionality by providing filters, status filters and order value summarization per vendor.

Planned Purchase Order Overview is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.


Improved Insights

Planned purchase orders are grouped by vendor in order to reduce complexity arising from multiple views or multiple forms and display all the important purchase order information in a single form. Planned Purchase Order Overview offers a clear and quick display of the number of unique items or variants that need to be purchased.

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