Counter Sales

Adds Point Of Sale (POS) functionality to the default Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales order form without the need for an external POS.

Our solution can be used for simple cash procedures but is also more than capable of processing advanced procedures to, for example, display accurate and real-time stock information, the creation of transfer orders, purchase orders, or inter-company transfer orders.

Counter Sales is the right choice wherever multiple counter sales employees use the same computer to process low to medium volume orders in a wholesale environment with a centralized distribution warehouse (DC) combined with decentralized warehouses.

Counter Sales is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Retail.


Easy Order Entry

While using Counter Sales, you will experience that entering sales orders has significantly been improved. From the sales order form, one can quickly create a new account, add a contact person to an existing account or create a new anonymous customer. For quick order creation, the focus is automatically set to the scan field, so the counter desk employee can immediately start scanning barcodes.

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