Solutions for Banking: Stand Out from the Competition

The banking industry has faced significant disruption, including the failure of some banks, affecting perceptions of banking as a whole. These instances have raised concerns about safety, security, and risk, adding to the challenges that banks face today. How do banks build trust and forge strong relationships in this new landscape?

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To compete, stay relevant, and gain trust, you need to look for new ways to add value and identify and seize opportunities as quickly as possible.

From mobile banking and digital wallets to new players offering banking as a service, traditional banks are being increasingly challenged with staying competitive—even relevant.

Both large institutions and startups are grappling with these issues, as they navigate the challenges and opportunities in an environment where trust has become paramount, and so can you.

Whether you’re looking at adding new services or expanding into new markets, you need to carefully assess each opportunity while weighing it against risk—while at the same time answering the demand for transparency and increasingly complex regulations.

So, while the temptation is to take a defensive posture to preserve the status quo—that’s not going to be enough. You need to be the disruptor.

Banking Technology Challenges

  • 1

    Outdated legacy systems lack capabilities for meaningful data utilization

  • 2

    Point solutions may offer features for some issues but fail to address unique business needs

  • 3

    Lack of integration with key systems results in data silos, hindering complete visibility

  • 4

    Inability to access your data reduces understanding of customer behavior, crippling growth, expansion, and diversification

Our banking experts assist leading institutions in transformation, providing tools and insights to identify trends, build customer relationships, and develop products that attract new business.

Find opportunities to open the door with technology that knows how to put your data to work for you.

"We chose Microsoft and HSO to ensure our technology architecture would have the ability to support and scale."

Mushegh Togmasyan Chairman & Founder, Zenus Bank

HSO & Microsoft help your Bank thrive in the new digital age

Leveraging Your Data for Seamless Integration and Compliance

At HSO, we help banks like yours take a global view of their data to identify new areas of opportunity—areas they had not considered before. But that’s not all:

How Zenus Bank is Revolutionizing Global Banking with Accessibility to USD by Partnering
with Microsoft and HSO

"Everything revolves around data at Zenus Bank. Ensuring we have an architecture for how we're operating and sharing that data among microservices was key."

Pedro Martinez, Chief Information Officer, Zenus Bank

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Tear Down Silos for Good

With banking software solutions from HSO, you tear down silos of data caused by disparate applications. This enables you to take full advantage of your customer relationships—identifying new areas of opportunity and creating loyal customers for life by:

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DnA Framework for Data, AI & Analytics

Transform your business into a data-driven organization with HSO's comprehensive suite of data and analytics offerings designed to empower organizations in their data-driven journey.

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Banking Innovation with Dynamics

Improve Customer Experience with Collaboration, Personalized Interactions, and Bespoke Solutions

Explore a personalized experience with Copilot, engage with customers through innovative chat experiences, leverage intelligent data systems for sales and business development, collaborate effectively using Teams, enjoy easy mobile access, and benefit from bespoke applications with Power Apps.

Why AI for Banks?

Exceptional customer service is the backbone of every successful bank. That's why we are excited to present Microsoft Copilot, a groundbreaking solution that will revitalize your customer experience through the power of AI and self-service.

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Empower Your Organization's Future with HSO's AI Briefing

Engage with experts, uncover potential, and shape your AI adoption journey for success

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Resources for Banks & FinTech

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Get the technology you need to stay ahead of your competitors and relevant to your clients. Find out how a solution from HSO and Microsoft can change how you do business through integrated, real-time data. Contact us to talk to an HSO banking expert today.

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