Advanced Warehouse Management

Though the standard WHS module is very flexible in nature, it is still a challenge to depict processes regarded as common logistical practice. Examples are smart put-away locations, paperless cluster picking, and optimal flow through the packing station.

Advanced Warehouse Management adds crucial business logic and reflects the experience and best practices from industrial engineering and management perspective. It is packed with extensive functionality for warehouse process planning, execution, monitoring, analysis, and logistical decision support.

Advanced Warehouse Management is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.


Priorities are everything in logistics - Real-Time insight on the amount of actual and expected work in a warehouse is crucial for planning and prioritization of tasks. The warehouse dashboard visualizes the open lines, hours, and areas without current worker activity. Per wave, the estimated completion time is displayed and the warehouse manager can monitor at one glance that all shipments will be loaded in the truck on time.

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