IT is key to a successful merger and acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions of companies require the separation of all existing operational activities. This may include legal, business, process and organisation related activities. The disconnection or connection of IT systems within the set time frame (TSA) is the critical success factor of a carve out or carve in. You can read more about this in the white paper IT Carve Out.

Disconnecting, migrating and transforming the entire IT landscape including business-critical applications such as NAV, AX or SAP in a short space of time is a challenge in which HSO is now very experienced.

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What to expect in the whitepaper ‘IT Carve out’:

mock up whitepaper carve out

  • The main challenges during a carve out*
  • Balancing speed, cost and innovation
  • Migrating old systems versus innovating: the options
  • HSO Carve Out* approach
  • HSO Carve Out* Assessment
  • The HERAS Carve Out Experience
    *Carve out of Carve in


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