Introducing Dynamics Service Management

In challenging economic and competitive climates, it is easy to view service as a cost center.

Companies sometimes even decide to cut back on the tools to support the growth of the service business.

To meet customer demands with the field service organization, companies must ensure that the right technician gets in front of the customer at the right time and the right parts to provide the result of issue resolution. The best service organizations have taken the next step in scheduling. They have evolved from reactive scheduling to predictive forecasting.

This pro-active service not only prevents more assets from breaking down, but it also shows the customer that they are essential. The customer relationship does not end with responding to a customer problem. Resolution is imperative in meeting Service Level Agreements with customers and maintaining a healthy partnership.

Dynamics Service Management provides you with the critical functionality to manage your service business and supports you in realizing and improving your customer satisfaction level.

Dynamics Service Management is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0, AX 2009 and AX 2012.



Workforce productivity

and first-time fix percentage increased


Percentage installed base

under service contract increased


Operational performance

and efficiency of service improved


Contribution of service

to total company results increased


Satisfaction and retention levels

of customers improved


Service Revenue Creation

and cost containment increased

Service & Installed Base

Many customers worldwide rely on Dynamics Service Management to support their daily service business processes. Dynamics Service Management supports your service organization featuring complaints and warranty, repairs and periodic maintenance. At the same time, you have direct access to all the data you need regarding service objects, resources, contract and logistics. Dynamics Service Management is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations enabling handling service requests & initiating service activities.

Service Objects

Providing service is always related to the installed base of the customer, also known as service objects. These service objects can vary from a single object to a complicated installation consisting of many objects and components in a flexible multi-level ‘as maintained’ structure. Dynamics Service Management offers you several ways to register these objects related to the service you want to provide including a graphical object builder for the complex structures.

Service Contracts

In today’s service focused world, requirements regarding service level’s and term & conditions need to be more and more flexible, and customer focused. Service Management offers you the tools to support these increasing demands with the service contract functionality. Whether you require contract templates to simplify and standardize your service contracts or fully flexible contracts that you can build from scratch, it is all possible.

Call Centre Support

The process starts with registering the customer’s request using the service call functionality. The service calls allow you not only to log the service request from the customer but also provide direct feedback to the customer about their warranty and applicable contract. Together with the information regarding the previous service calls you can increase customer intimacy.

Dispatching and Resource Scheduling

The service call is the first step in the day-to-day process. Once the service call is created the next step in the process starts with the creation of a service task. For this process, you can use ‘event codes’ to identify pre-defined work packages, which can forecast default hours, (spare-) parts, checklists and revenue codes (for service items) to it.


Priva: ‘Customers first, no compromise’.

As a market leader in providing solutions for horticulture and building automation, Priva lives by the slogan ‘Customers first, no compromise.’ Learn how Dynamics Service Management helps them to achieve this goal by providing a solution that improves their service processes.

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