Introducing Dynamics Document Manager

For most organizations accessible, safe and affordable storage of documents is essential.

Thanks to Dynamics Document Manager there is an easy way to reduce your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data Storage.

Dynamics Document Manager moves documents to Microsoft SharePoint Online, releasing valuable space in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data storage. Documents are replaced with links inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 so users enjoy the same experience when accessing their files directly.

Users of Dynamics Document Manager enjoy the ease of uploading files through an interface that allows simple drag and drop, directly from within Microsoft Dynamics 365. An integrated control can be placed anywhere on forms to transform any form into a drop zone for files.

Dynamics Document Manager is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.



Cost Reduction

by reducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement database storage


Ease of use

by uploading documents through a drag & drop interface



with settings on document or folder managed from within Microsoft Dynamics 365


Easy association

with entities, notes or activities


With Dynamics Document Manager you are able to enjoy the functionality of: dragging and dropping of documents to notes in Microsoft Dynamics 365, storing documents in Microsoft SharePoint integrated within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 user interface, extracting of documents using Microsoft Attachment Management and using e-mails and appointments with attachments. A process can be initiated completely automatically when a note is added to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Metadata & Security

You can manage your document security level and define SharePoint structured document repository rights from within Microsoft Dynamics 365. By configuration, you can easily determine where the document is stored in a SharePoint Online collection, specific site, folder or library. Set up for determining which metadata from Dynamics 365 is stored together with the document in SharePoint Online is easily done. This simplifies retrieving the documents in SharePoint Online.

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