Introducing Dynamics Counter Sales

Wholesale companies that need to manage multiple warehouses with a counter desk often struggle with their Point Of Sales.

Using Dynamics Counter Sales enables them to leverage the full capacity of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.

Dynamics Counter Sales adds Point Of Sale (POS) functionality to the default Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales order form without the need for an external POS. Our solution can be used for simple cash procedures but is also more than capable of processing advanced procedures to, for example, display accurate and real-time stock information, the creation of transfer orders, purchase orders, or inter-company transfer orders.

Dynamics Counter Sales is the right choice wherever multiple counter sales employees use the same computer to process low to medium volume orders in a wholesale environment with a centralized distribution warehouse (DC) combined with decentralized warehouses.

Dynamics Counter Sales is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Retail.




through fast order entry by automation and quick scanning items


Easy configuration

of complex orders with the prevention of delivery in case of exceptions


Backorders or transfer orders

easily created directly from sales order lines


Configurable sound alerts

in case of possible errors while processing sales orders

Easy Order Entry

When using Dynamics Counter Sales, you will experience that entering sales orders has significantly been improved. From the sales order form, one can quickly create a new account, add a contact person to an existing account or create a new anonymous customer. For quick order creation, the focus is automatically set to the scan field, so the counter desk employee can immediately start scanning barcodes.

Order Procesing & Completion

Dynamics Counter Sales is equipped with a flexible logic that enables efficient control of order processing. This is extremely useful in cases where orders, for example, should not be shipped, released to warehouse or invoiced if specific criteria are met. For example, options are available to set a cash payment requirement for specific customers, meaning that items can not be handed over before the order has been fully paid.

Backorders & Transfer Orders

Using intercompany scenarios, delivery schedules, customer-specific pricing and discounts are all scenarios that are easy to do from the same sales order screen when choosing Dynamics Counter Sales. When products are out of stock or only partially available in the local warehouse, employees can easily create backorders directly from the order line. Alternatively, one can choose to ship these goods from a remote warehouse to the local warehouse by creating a transfer order.

Data Model

To support advanced supply chain and retail processes, we have extended the data model with our own Stores, Registers, Drawers, Electronic Fund Transfer Terminals and Safes. You can, for example, configure two registers on the same counter that are using the same drawer and the same EFT terminal. This enables a flexible configuration of your Point of Sales depending on traffic inside your stores.

Additional Features

By using Dynamics Counter Sales with our optionally available Dynamics Price & Margin Management, you can, among others, fully automate price unit conversions. Our optionally available solution Dynamics Inventory Insights can provide an overview based on flexibility configurable categories and hierarchies by simply selecting multiple order lines and clicking on the on-hand list, right within the sales order.

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