Build your own chatbots? Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is a SaaS offering which offers a low code/no code way of building intelligent chatbots.

The no code graphical interface enables individuals to create chatbots without the need to involve developers or data scientists. It also eliminates the time delay between a user flagging an issue and the bot being updated to reflect it.

Subject matter experts can now create a bot quickly and easily and embed it into their company website in just a few clicks.

Using Microsoft’s conversational AI capabilities, end users can have multi-turn conversations to resolve their problems. By providing some examples of the subject you want the bot to deal with, you can easily build the conversation using Microsoft’s graphical editor. Your bot is then set to manage customer enquiries about that subject.

Once the bot is launched, its performance must be closely monitored to ensure that it is meeting the company’s success criteria. The Power Virtual Agents analytics dashboard can track metrics such as engagement rate, resolution rate, escalation rate, customer satisfaction (CSAT) and abandon rate. Monitoring also allows you to identify areas for improvement.


Engage customers with Microsoft's Power Virtual Agents

In this video, learn how Power Virtual Agents (PVA), integrated in Microsoft Power Platform, can be used anywhere you want to engage the customer beyond customer service. Watch and find out how easy it is to build a Power Virtual Agent, how powerful they are, and what are the key differentiators of this product.

With Power Virtual Agents you can:

  • Empower employees to build bots themselves
  • Answer common customer issues automatically
  • Free up staff to focus on more involved and higher-value customer enquiries
  • Increase customer satisfaction with faster issue resolution
  • Monitor and continuously improve chatbot performance using AI- and data-driven insights available in an easy-to-read dashboard

Power Virtual Agents can be connected across the entire Microsoft Power Platform – Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps – to build powerful solutions.

Think of a company with field service engineers and a chat with a customer with which you automatically schedule a maintenance appointment. The appointment ends up in an engineer’s calendar and the customer receives a confirmation email.

Bots that can chat with customers are great, but bots that can act on their behalf are even better. With Power Virtual Agents, you can easily integrate with services and back-end systems out-of-the-box or through hundreds of simple custom connectors using Power Automate. This makes it easy to create a bot that not only engages with the customer, but also takes action on their behalf.

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