Companies and organisations have access to increasing amounts of data such as website visitor data, the Internet of Things, sensor data or external (purchased) data sources. Capturing data and linking different datasets is step one. The second step is to make this information usable through data visualisation that can connect to platforms such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps. That is where Power BI comes in.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is Microsoft’s Business Intelligence (BI) tooling for business analysis and data visualisation and is part of the Power Platform. The program connects to hundreds of data sources, simplifies data preparation, and provides on-the-spot analytics capabilities. You quickly create your own reports and dashboards and share them with stakeholders within your organisation. With Power BI, it is possible to create a unique 360-degree view of your business or zoom in on a single business process in a separate data visualisation.

Data visualisation

Data visualisation paves the way for better real-time monitoring of business processes, such as machine breakdowns, and allows faster insight into trends, helping you make better strategic decisions. Setting up an optimal Data Presentation Architecture ensures that everyone in your organisation and beyond has access to the right information via both web and mobile.

Microsoft Power BI Dashbaords

Clear overview of data in one place

Using data visualisation software, such as Power BI, you can easily create dashboards from which you can keep an eye on real-time business processes. Information from multiple different data sources can be collated in one overview meaning you don’t have to look into the notification system and into the planning system. Opening just one dashboard is enough.

Data Forecasting

Ready for the future thanks to smart forecasts

By combining external data (e.g. expectations about economic growth or purchasing power developments) with your own data, you can make forecasts about the future. Thanks to data visualisation, you can see at a glance what these forecasts mean for your business.

Trends graph Power BI

Remain a frontrunner and keep up with current trends

The make-up of the products and services you provide is constantly changing. Data visualisation helps you to discover, understand and act on trends within your business.

Power BI Correlation

Proactive service thanks to patterns in data

There is a lot of data available within your organiastion. Data visualiation offers the ability to discover patterns and connections within this data, creating additional opportunities for your organisation, both in terms of sales and service.

Power BI Locations

Optimise location-based operations

In addition to visualiations that reflect time, there are also situations where location plays a role. In the logistics sector and for technical service providers, this can be the difference between a profit- or loss-making organisation.

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