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Microsoft Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow) is an intelligent workflow application that enables you to connect apps and services to automate repetitive tasks – allowing you to work smarter, so you can work less and achieve more.  

Automate repetitive tasks

Power Automate enables workflow automation like never before. Create automated workflows to connect your favourite apps and services to receive automated notifications, sync files, collect data, and much more.  

Connect with over 200 apps and web-based services including Office 365, SharePoint and Excel as well as third-party services such as Dropbox, Twitter or Salesforce.  

How can Power Automate help your sector?

How can Power Automate help your sector?

Manufacturers are under a lot of pressure. They have to manage a range of products and changing specifications. They must ensure the minimum time-to-market and compete against global competitors.

Machine and equipment builders traditionally focused on customer-specific product development. Modern industrial companies, on the other hand, have a full-service approach and provide support throughout the life cycle of products. They supplement their design, configuration, installation and repair services with preventive maintenance and rental services.

How can Power Automate help your sector?

Consumers nowadays look for products when and where it suits them best – there are no longer standard opening hours. With tablets and smartphones, they can shop 24/7; they share their experiences on Twitter and Facebook, do thorough product research and consult online reviews from other consumers before purchasing.

Brand loyalty is no longer evident and consumers have increasingly higher expectations, demanding that retailers should offer them a multi-channel shopping experience. Dynamics 365 for Retail offers optimal opportunities for customer interaction that span shopping, supply-chain management, order management, marketing, customer service, and various back-office processes, such as procurement procedures and financial support.

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How can Power Automate help your sector?

The wholesale market is dynamic and challenging. Wholesalers and distribution companies need to transform themselves from traditional trading companies to data-driven and service-oriented companies. Customers are asking for lower prices, shorter delivery times, tailor-made services and accurate, real-time information.

Wholesalers and distribution companies want to be able to communicate efficiently and collaborate with partners within their value chain. They are putting 100% effort into meeting increasingly complex customer requirements but are struggling with growing transport costs and pressure on margins, in an increasingly international World.

How can Power Automate help your sector?

For service providers and companies that deliver projects for customers, it is crucial to keep a grip on costs. This requires optimal insight into project progress, budget consumption and the use of employees and assets.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates all relevant business processes, from financial procedures to project management, procurement process, personnel management, customer relationship management, time keeping and budget management. With this solution you can be be as flexible as possible as all information is readily available, so you can perform detailed analyses and make adjustments accordingly.

Maximise your productivity

Power Automate creates customised workflows for a variety of scenarios. Get started with a ready-made template or create a custom-made workflow that spans multiple applications.

For example, managers with applications developed from SharePoint lists on their mobile device can provide automated email messaging, based on data changes in a SQL database in Microsoft Azure.

In this way, you can use workflows to automate routine and time-consuming tasks and boost your productivity.

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