Modern Workplace supports employee engagement and productivity to improve efficiency, collaboration and job satisfaction.

The way we work is changing.
The where we work is changing.

Driven by advances in technology and connectivity, existing models and ways of working are quickly evolving.

So how can you best support your employees today? How can you help them become more productive and collaborate more efficiently, from any location and at any time, whilst simultaneously increasing job satisfaction?

How can you automate business processes or access your data anywhere, at any time, to make your business more effective and save time and money?

If you want to be able to quickly respond to changes in the marketplace, you need a flexible and agile organisation, so providing a modern, digital workplace is essential.

There are four pillars within a modern workplace, all underpinned by a core security offering using Microsoft 365, whilst also offering on premise access and mobile access for your users and applications:

1) Communication

Most employees are used to using email for communication both within and outside of their business. HSO can show you how to optimise your communication and protect your data by implementing Microsoft Teams with Microsoft 365 and implementing the surrounding governance and policies to protect your data, your users and your reputation.

2) Collaboration

Does your business collaborate effectively? Are you aware of where your data is, how its used and if its GDPR compliant? Would you like to ensure your users aren’t duplicating effort and are working in collaboration to ensure time and money isn’t being wasted.

HSO can help you understand how the Power Platform, along with Microsoft 365, can help you achieve your goals using the Modern Workplace. HSO can deliver you a sustainable technological landscape to allow a better and safer collaboration space for your business.

3) Productivity

Using the Microsoft 365 set of ready-made applications, along with the Power Platform and Azure, learn how to enhance or change your existing business processes to make your business more productive and increase your user adoption and job satisfaction. Technology shouldn’t hinder your people, it should enable them, but if you don’t know where to start, you’re not going to be using it effectively. HSO can show you how you can get the most out of your IT investments, from quick wins, to future road mapping and using technology to revolutionise the way your business works.

4) Automation

Automation can offer many benefits, from improving the way you work through to enabling your business to do more with less using the tools within Microsoft 365.

Benefits can include:

  • Reducing costs
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Improving consistency, accuracy and confidence
  • Process optimisation

The immediate benefits are clear – fewer opportunities for human error, fewer unproductive work hours, less time lost to employee absence, reduced training and HR costs….

HSO can assist you in setting up automation within your business, from simple workflows, to complete steps within a task, to fully automating business processes end to end using Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Microsoft 365 with EMS for underpinning Security within the Modern Workplace

Managing security issues can be complex and the traditional approach to security taken by IT is usually just to lock everything down. There are two problems with this approach. Firstly, overly tight security means that users may be unable to do their jobs effectively. Secondly, it encourages your employees to discover workarounds which can create even greater security risks.

Using the Modern Workplace and Microsoft 365 + EMS and Microsoft Azure, HSO can enable you to modernise your security environment and sustain better working habits for your business and your employees, while continuing to protect your users and your business in this ever-changing space.

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