Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Move beyond traditional human resource management and transform the candidate and employee experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Using the power of Office 365 and LinkedIn, including the new Talent Hub, to attract, hire, and onboard talented people, Dynamics 365 Human Resources empowers your recruitment team with the tools they need to deliver secure prime talent for your company while your HR team and people managers are enabled to care of new and existing employees with innovative new features.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources seamlessly connects your HR and IT functions in the cloud providing a more secure, intelligent and connected platform based in the larges D365 suite from which you can modernise key HR processes like recording leave & absence, maintaining certifications, creating benefit plans, and enabling learning and development.

Win top talent with Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Linkedin Talent Hub

With knowledge and talent coming at a premium, competition in the recruitment market is now fiercer than ever. Dynamics 365 Human Resources pairs with LinkedIn Talent Hub to help you to stand out in a competitive marketplace and take control of your recruiting and hiring processes by enabling you to identify, engage, shortlist, interview and hire the right people for your organisation.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Linkedin Talent Hub will  help you to:

  • Strengthen collaboration around talent acquisition by connecting recruiters, managers, and interviewers
  • Tailor the hiring experience and improve the candidate experience
  • Seamlessly connect to the LinkedIn database to access real-time candidate information
  • Unify candidate profiles and talent pools
  • Simplify interviews, improve your time to hire and accelerate offer acceptance
  • Ensure compliance and extensibility

Accelerate your new hires’ success with Dynamics 365 Human Resources

An effective onboarding process is critical in setting new hires up for success at your organisation. Make your new employees feel welcome and connected and help them quickly perform effectively and accelerate time to impact with Dynamics 365 Human Resources by using its intuitive nature to quickly adapt recent hires to the key HR processes of your business.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources can help you to:

  • Ensure administrative tasks are completed on time
  • Accelerate time to impact
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration
  • Ensure talent success

Dynamics 365 Human Resources: Core

Give your managers and employees core HR capabilities in a single location that streamline processes, and create programmes that optimise workforce costs, deliver business impact, and drive an agile, high-performance culture, now with new features from FourVision©. Enable employees to become self-sufficient and decrease your HR team’s workload by leveraging Microsoft’s easy-to-use self-service tools. Additionally, the core of D365 Human Resources allows you to optimize your HR programs by streamlining benefits, compensation, and compliance programs, making them smart in the process.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources: Core can help you to:

  • Improve collaboration and share insights
  • Strengthen your core HR programmes
  • Drive human resource excellence
  • Empower managers and employees

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