Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing – Nurture relationships and turn them into engaged customers

Today’s customers are inundated with advertisements, so modern marketers must find smarter ways to find prospects, build and nurture relationships.

Dynamics 365 Marketing has been developed specifically for that job. It can deliver multi-channel marketing campaigns to attract the right prospects at the right time using email, web, text messaging, events and custom channels.

The rewards for getting customer engagement right can be substantial. A study reported that organisations who digitally transform their sales and marketing solutions can expect:

  • 10-15% lower customer churn
  • Up to 50% lower service costs
  • 20-40% increase in their win rate
  • Up to 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience!

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Integrated Marketing

With ClickDimensions or Adobe Marketing Cloud, which is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition, you can rollout different marketing campaigns across multiple channels based on a single customer view. This integrated approach provides a distinct customer experience. Want to find out more about Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Marketing app? Get in touch with one of our experts.

Attract, create and nurture leads

It is important to attract the right prospects for your business by running targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns including email, events, landing pages, telemarketing, SMS integration and other custom channels. Personalise your customer journeys based on buyer preferences and past interactions.

Align sales and marketing

Create a single view of the customer by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to track how your prospects move through the marketing and sales funnel. Use multiple lead-scoring models and sales readiness grades, plus pre-built workflows that automatically notify you of sales ready leads and drive follow-ups. Write and send corporate branded emails to targeted recipients using the send now feature.

Make smarter decisions

Target the right audience and focus on the highest priority leads with AI-driven Customer Insights. Improve marketing ROI with prebuilt dashboards and marketing analysers or build your own dashboards.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing in short

  • Create a single view of prospects and unify data
  • Track and prioritise leads across all touch points
  • Increase productivity and improve co-ordination between marketing and sales
  • Simplify collaboration with familiar Office 365 tools, shared calendars, and visibility across the team into campaigns, leads, through to sales.

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