Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform that allows you to build applications quickly, deploy and manage. Azure offers a wide range of services and is widely adaptable to your needs. For example, you can use Azure to easily integrate with your existing IT environment, giving you the Cloud benefits even within your current IT environment can experience directly. Thus, the solutions Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 provide, go hand in hand.  

With Microsoft Azure, you don’t have to worry about the management of your IT environment nor will you have to worry about your employees. This can be managed in one central location so you can access your data, as and when you need it. 

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Secure your future with IT modernisation

The more ambitious organisations will know that transitioning can help them become faster and smarter in day-to-day operations, as well as decision making and delivery. Companies that fail to modernise risk falling behind their market competitors. Overcoming the challenges associated with implementing an IT modernisation strategy is a vital first step. Accomplish this, and you’ll be on your way to effecting positive change when it comes to the mentality and productivity of your teams.

To navigate the new digital era, two approaches to IT are required: optimise how you manage and maintain your core IT system and, at the same time innovate by experimenting with new technology. A new IT vision is also required, one that combines applications, intelligent platforms, and inter-connected ecosystems. One that also understands the difference between modernisation and transformation - in order to understand which option makes more sense for your business.

What can Microsoft Azure bring you?

  • Having one version of the truth across the business both locally and internationally 
  • Achieving a timely financial month-end closure 
  • Effectively communicating with leaders of other departments within the business 
  • Adjusting costs accordingly, on a monthly basis, for the number of ERP/CRM users in the business 
  • Disconnected data and controlling and reducing costs
  • Analysing data to make smarter decisions 

  • Having access to ERP/CRM across the business, no matter where employees work or what device they may use. 
  • Having one version of the truth across the business both locally and internationally 
  • Fully integrating all operational aspects across the business to best support customers 
  • Streamline and integrating the operational delivery and support of services to customers 
  • Automating processes and improving efficiency 
  • Analysing data to assess the performance across the business and identifying areas of opportunity 

  • Flexibility to support internal processes and departments. 
  • Delivering ERP/CRM to everyone in the business, no matter where they may work or what device they may use. 
  • As the business grows and becomes international, being able to scale with just one ERP/CRM system 
  • Enterprise-grade security to protect the business and its customers 
  • Handling/ capitalising on the growing amounts of data 

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