Workplace Innovation Assessment

Het Workplace Innovation Assessment geeft inzicht in wat nodig is om je huidige IT-omgeving voor te bereiden op de digitale werkplek van de toekomst.


  • How can I increase employee productivity and collaboration?
  • How can I improve internal communication and social interaction?
  • How can I increase employee well-being and development?
  • How can I protect my workforce against cybercrime?
  • How can I better support the core business with workplace innovation?

The Goal

With the Workplace Innovation Assessment, HSO helps you to assess your current digital workplace and define the future, desired workplace. We help you draw up a strategic roadmap and write a business case for a successful and cost-efficient adoption of Workplace Innovation

Workplace Innovation Benefits

Increase productivity
With 3 or more hours a week streamlining communication and collaboration, at any time, any place, and on any device.

Work safe and secure
Healthy work-life balance and protection against cybercrime. Reduce the cost of sick leave, traveling, security events, and data breaches.

Improved employee experience
Empowered and connected, employee self-service, no infrastructure, and more uptime a year.

Forrester 2020, The Total Economic Impact™ Of The Microsoft 365 E5 Solutions

The Approach

  • 1

    Workplace Assessment

    Workshop 1: Assess the current digital workplace
    Workshop 2: Define the desired workplace

    Deliverables: A report with the current and future state of your digital workplace

  • 2

    Roadmap Workshop

    Workshop 1: Define the route, prioritization, and program to arrive at the desired Workplace Innovation.

    Deliverables: A strategic roadmap and high-level plan with milestones for Workplace Innovation.

  • 3

    Migration Assessment

    Workshop 1: An elaboration of the Workplace Innovation activities to be performed for the first milestone of the specified roadmap.

    Deliverables: Migration plan, budget indication, and a commercial proposal.

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