Once your company has decided that Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 benefits are in line with your company’s needs, it’s time to choose a partner to help you implement your new system. You have numerous options when choosing a Microsoft partner, which is a fantastic advantage. But having more to choose from is only an advantage when you know what criteria to use to find the best Microsoft partner for you.

So, what should you look for when choosing the best Microsoft partner to suit the needs of your company? Here’s our list based on what we have heard from our customers.

Customer Service

Don’t be the next cautionary tale in hiring a partner with lax customer service. Best in class customer service is responsive, meaning they keep in prompt communication with your team. But best in class customer service also means that your Microsoft partner actively make efforts to understand your unique business needs. No two businesses are the same and the best Microsoft partner approaches the discovery process with that in mind.

Areas of Competency that are Aligned with Your Needs

Every partner has areas of strengths. Make sure their strengths meet you needs. First, brainstorm with your team what your company needs your system to do. Do you need robust visual reporting? Do you have a manufacturing or service departments that need IoT? Do you need to migrate onto the cloud? Do you need help in choosing between an on premises system or a system on a hybrid or public Cloud?

When evaluating a Microsoft partner, ask them what kinds of solutions do they implement the most. Ask them what are the skill sets of their team. Getting these answers will help you get a feel on how well they’ll do the job on implementing the Microsoft solutions that you need.

Partnership Doesn’t End Immediately After The Go Live Date

The best Microsoft partner is one who is that — a partner. Best in class Microsoft partners don’t leave you hanging the day after your system is up and running. If Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a new system for you, make sure you discuss staff training as part of the agreement. Train the trainer and written documentations are useful ways to ensure that you have access to expertise to answer any questions that come up about your system.

For longer term support, a managed services option supplements your existing IT team. Managed services encompass a host of ways to keep your new Dynamics in tip top shape. Managed services can:

  • take care of updates and new releases for you
  • troubleshoot any issues that come up, regardless of the time of day
  • monitor any potential anomalies that threaten uptime
  • manage applications that run on your cloud
  • help you find tips and tricks to get more out of your system

Develops IP that Augments Existing Microsoft Solutions

Best in class Microsoft partners don’t just stop at implementing existing Microsoft solutions. The best Microsoft partners listen to their customers’ needs in their focus areas. And develops proprietary intellectual property (IP) to create specialized modules to help their customers do more with existing Microsoft solutions.
Because every company’s needs are different, look for specialized IP that aligns with what your team needs to do their job better. These more customized modules bring added value to your technological investment from the very start.


HSO can be the best Microsoft partner for your company. We are a Gold level Microsoft partner, which means that we hold the highest levels of technical and business competencies that a partner can achieve.

HSO also has the highest possible level of customer service to our clients. As proof, HSO has been a member of Microsoft’s Inner Circle—the top 1% of partners distinguished by excellent customer service—for 11 years. One of the significant components to our long-term customer approach is our 24/7 proactive Global Managed Services offerings that help you maintain the longevity of your system.

To learn more about how our team at HSO can meet your business needs, contact us today.

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