Microsoft Power Apps: the Ultimate Power Solution for Vegro

Business-critical process was still running on a legacy solution no longer supported by Microsoft and in need of replacement.

It’s high time for something new when a system is ageing, slow and in need of replacement. But when a new system does appear, it generally requires internal conversion to a new way of working. How do you prevent a switch from overwhelming your business?

Vegro found the answer with HSO and the Microsoft Power Platform. For the IT department it required a limited transformation. But it made a world of difference for the user. Vegro application management staff Erik Verheijen and Rob Molenaar discuss the cooperation with HSO.

“HSO’s people are accessible and there’s a good atmosphere. They were able to empathize immediately with the complex healthcare equipment industry. We were hugely satisfied with the cooperation.” – Erik Verheijen

From Microsoft InfoPath to Power Apps

Health insurers impose requirements on their customers for the use of medical resources, including Vegro’s. It’s up to the suppliers to verify that these requirements are being met. In other words: Vegro. Employees draw their conclusions based on questions and answers provided on a digital indication form. An indispensable tool.

A system as important as this has to function well. And for a long time, it did so through Microsoft InfoPath, an application for creating input forms. But there have been no updates for some time because Microsoft no longer supports this solution, which was outdated and in need of replacement.

“The old system was time-consuming. An employee would see a screen with many questions – sometimes as many as thirty, which could be confusing.”

Rob Molenaar Vegro

The benefits for Vegro

HSO built the new application with Microsoft Power Apps. The Power application was built against the current ERP system, Microsoft Business Central. Power Apps is perfect for integrations between various Microsoft applications. For Vegro, this meant the business-critical processes remained intact.

Rob: “The working method is simple and is largely the same, despite the complex backend. An employee now starts up as before. But they see one clear button in their dashboard that takes them to the Power App home page. That made adoption flawless. The adoption process was far better when measured against other apps. People caught on really quickly.”

“The new Power app is easier and more user-friendly. But HSO also surprised Vegro with the design. The technology is really good, but the app also has a nice visual layout. The overall picture is complete.”

Erik Verheijen Application management Vegro

Microsoft Power Apps has enormous capacity

The application has 200 users, processing more than 100,000 indications annually. “So our new Microsoft Power App has enormous capacity,” explains Rob. “The system is a lot clearer in comparison to the old one. The questions are concise, and there’s a clear layout in the new application.”

Alongside the user-side application, there’s also one on the administrator side. Vegro uses this mostly to manage the system itself. Rob: “This is where we can see the indications, and produce reports on that basis.”

An application must adapt to an organization continuously. Things can always be done faster or more efficiently, after all. These optimization steps are being taken together by HSO and Vegro. “Several updates have already occurred,” notes Erik. “The loading time when starting up the system is now even shorter. We achieved this together with HSO.”

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