Prominent successfully automates with Power Platform

Prominent decided to build its automation solutions in-house. HSO introduced Prominent to the Power Platform Taster Menu, satisfying their taste buds.

Prominent indulged in the Power Platform Taster Menu, creating two applications in just five days. As the leading specialist in seating furniture in the Netherlands with over twenty years of experience in providing exceptional comfort, Prominent now has the skills to independently develop solutions, with HSO as a backup. Laurens Piekaar (Prominent), Menno Venema (Prominent), and Tim van de Molengraft (HSO) share the success story.

The Microsoft Power Platform does what it needs to do

Choosing the Power Platform was a logical decision for Menno: "A standard application works for 99 percent of users. However, with the Power Platform, you can create a customized app specifically for that one percent without deviating from Microsoft's standard."

Tim: "That's the real strength of the platform. By designing an application as a niche solution, you significantly enhance user-friendliness. You only display the functionalities that the end-user needs to see, resulting in a well-received app. Users understand what they need to do without being overwhelmed by unnecessary features."

Power Platform enables in-house development

Prominent deliberately chose to develop their automation solutions in-house. Laurens explains, "You can outsource everything, but that limits flexibility and speed. We prefer to make small adjustments ourselves immediately. If you have to wait for a partner, it can take two to three months. Additionally, there are costs associated with applications, and as we aim to build at a rapid pace, those costs would increase."

Having someone by your side

Prominent wanted to build their solutions themselves but recognized the need for support. Menno says, "We can handle the smaller applications, but for the larger, mission-critical processes, having someone by your side is essential. We also encountered technical questions that required assistance. We needed a partner with the right expertise who understood our processes and could find suitable solutions."

Providing knowledge and resources

HSO became that partner. Laurens explains their choice, "The people at HSO showed interest in Prominent. They wanted to know what we were focused on and what would be useful for us. They also understood our objective: to gain the knowledge and resources to work independently after the project."

"You need enthusiastic partners who understand your business, and that's what HSO represents."

Laurens Piekaar Prominent

A partner who understands the opportunities of Low Code

Laurens further explains, "Previously, our team attended a workshop with another company where we learned to build an app in one day. Only one colleague got excited and started working on it. However, after the program with HSO, everyone is still on board. The success lies in the guidance."

Tim: "We always strive to be relevant, and that's only possible if we truly understand our customers. With that knowledge and experience, we offered Prominent a program that genuinely solves their challenges. We don't use generic examples but tackle real problems together and develop tailored applications. This approach ensures better knowledge retention and equips Prominent to work independently in the future."


Prominent's enthusiasm for automating with the Power Platform is significant, but it can also be a pitfall. Laurens emphasizes, "Ideally, you want to dive right into the application and start building. However, HSO showed us during the 'appetizer' phase that it's crucial to critically examine the process first. This ensures that the application built will truly add value to the process."

Collaborating at the drawing board

Menno describes the collaborative process, "We documented the entire process on a whiteboard, along with HSO, Prominent's IT specialists, and end-users. We asked ourselves, 'What can be improved?'" And we found a lot of room for improvement. For example, service engineers used to manually track the parts they used from the inventory. "We automated this process, making it easier, more efficient, and more accurate for the service engineers."


The first outcome of is an app for contract management. Prominent can now input contracts into the system and receive notifications when they need to be renewed. The app also automates the signature process. Prominent has also developed an app to optimize the parts management process, making it easier for service engineers to track the parts they use.

"In addition, you can integrate the application with the inventory system, so the purchaser knows when new stock needs to be ordered. It's even possible to establish a connection with the supplier. For example, the supplier receives a notification when we need new screws. This reduces manual tasks and saves time. We will continue building on these achievements." For more information, feel free to contact Christiaan Taverne at

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