Global Construction Firm Gains Insights for Fostering Relationships and Identifying New Opportunities with construction360

From siloed data to a unified system that leads to better relationships and new opportunities

For global construction firms, visibility across their business is essential. A worldwide construction organization providing integrated construction and design/build services was struggling to share information across departments.

Challenges: Overcoming siloed data

Delivering projects around the world in diverse industries such as manufacturing, wastewater treatment, and aerospace, the company has over 2,000+ experts providing integrated design, engineering, construction, and consulting services.

The company was using a combination of Cosential, HubSpot, and AirTable for CRM, with HubSpot being used primarily for business development. However, these disparate systems lacked integration to adequately share information between departments, resulting in siloed marketing, project history, and experience data, and limited visibility of a consolidated pipeline.

The company had aggressive growth goals but lacked the technology needed to accelerate business development efforts and track progress. Without sufficient pipeline management and communication tracking, they were limited in their ability to foster client relationships and surface opportunities for new business. User adoption was also a big problem; employees refused to use Cosential because it did not integrate properly with Outlook and could not be used on mobile devices.

Solution: A new perspective

The company chose to replace Cosential, HubSpot, and AirTable with HSO’s construction360 on the Dynamics 365 CRM platform as their new marketing and business development platform.  This includes contact management and relationship intelligence, project and employee experience, and marketing list and campaign management. The new solution integrates with Outlook and JDE, the company’s accounting and ERP system, which is the source for client financial information, project details, and employee data.

The company will also use construction360 for proposal document assembly and resume generation in the proposal process.

Benefits: Visibility that leads to better relationships and new opportunities

By consolidating three disconnected CRM systems into one, the firm now has a single source of truth for all client activities and interactions, yielding big benefits:
  • 1

    With access to relationship and activity data, business development now knows who is communicating with whom, enabling them to leverage existing relationships, surface new potential opportunities, and cross-sell their services.

  • 2

    A centralized pipeline provides the leadership team with visibility across the entire organization as well as the ability to analyze specific markets and services. They are now able to see the big picture and can be more strategic, using the visibility gained through company-wide reporting.

  • 3

    The business development team can track active pursuits and leverage associated relationships within the opportunity with ease.

  • 4

    A new marketing database for project and employee experience, integrated with the company’s accounting system to provide access to crucial client and project financial information. The ease of access to the information has resulted in significant time savings.

construction360 brought together data that was scattered throughout multiple systems, consolidating it in a single location. This was a transformational change, enabling leadership, marketing, and business development to easily access, segment, and analyze data to meet their needs. Additionally, business development and seller/doers can now identify potential new relationships and leverage key clients to drive more pipeline and achieve the firm’s growth goals.

Future plans: An ambitious path forward

The company is looking to continue the move toward the goal of transforming the entire platform and addressing other needs, including implementation of a new ERP system. With Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform as the platform for contruction360, incorporating related pre-construction processes and data from across their construction lifecycle is now a possibility as well. All with the goal of gaining a 360-degree view of the company’s clients, relationships, experience, and growth initiatives.

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