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"HSO understands our business agility and innovation appetite!" Watch Alfen's full story.

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"Our superior IT services keep the business running without interruption"

HSO delivered a state-of-the-art and secure SharePoint online platform for Alfen. In this video, IT Director Roxana van der Hoogt tells about Alfen's business challenges and objectives, in which innovation and IT play a crucial role.

A connected, smart and sustainable energy system for future generations

Roxana van der Hoogt, IT director: "At Alfen, we have an unique combination of activities as we design, engineer, develop, produce and also service the smart grids, the energy storage system and the EV charging equipment. Alfen's vision is to deliver a connected, smart and sustainable energy system for future generations.

Every business is a technology business

We are living in a world of faster technological developments. Think of the Cloud, The Internet of Things, machine learning and AI. Like every business, Alfen should think of itself as a technology business. And that implies that we must significantly invest in technology skills of the organization, while a redesign of processes must take place.

For the coming years, Alfen has decided to accelerate the digital transformation journey by greatly investing in innovation and IT. We have a market leading position in the Netherlands and in order to facilitate our fast international growth, our business strongly relies on information technology.

Our IT-platform supports and enables the business of Alfen by providing superior IT-services to keep the business operations running without interruption.

HSO is a professional, innovative partner for Alfen

In 2021 during the pandemic we were looking for an experienced partner who could support the Alfen organization with a collaboration platform. HSO delivered a state-of-the-art SharePoint online environment with security measures to protect the data within the system and with a great look and feel.

Working with HSO for some years, we find that HSO understands the business agility and the innovation appetite required by Alfen. We experience HSO a professional, innovative partner with a great focus on customer centricity and execution.

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