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We analyse your ESG reporting and support you in closing gaps to enable automated reporting.

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Organization-specific maturity level of ESG reporting

Depending on the CSRD requirements, there is a different level of maturity of the sustainability measures already implemented in each organization.

HSO works with you to determine the gaps in the four dimensions of your company in a workshop format, ESG Assessment.

  • Organization & Governance
  • Processes & Policy
  • Systems & Information
  • Talent & People

The analysis of the four areas reveals the extent to which sustainability aspects are already addressed in your organization according to the ESG criteria and the associated directive (CSRD).

In addition, the CSRD requires that organizational measures be established in the form of roles and responsibilities as well as processes.

Together in the workshop, HSO uses the ESG Assessment to determine at which starting points the gaps can be closed in the four dimensions to enable automated reporting.

Overview of ESG criteria: Environmental

  • Reducing the impact of corporate trading on climate change
  • Protection of natural resources
  • Increasing the efficiency of resource use
  • Implementing a circular economy
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Manufacturing sustainable products
  • Use of sustainable technologies and processes
  • Sustainable building management


  • Respect for human dignity and compliance with human and employee rights
  • Safe and ergonomic design of workplaces
  • Non-discrimination
  • Diversity
  • Fair treatment and payment of employees – throughout the entire supply chain
  • Comprehensive offers for further training and further education for employees
  • Refraining from working with authoritarian governments
  • Assuming social responsibility – beyond the company’s core performance
  • Fair treatment of customers


  • Publication of the company’s relevant values ​​and guidelines
  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations
  • Legally compliant payment of taxes
  • Transparent documentation of the processes for managing and controlling the company
  • Existence of clearly understandable remuneration and promotion guidelines
  • Implementation of communication geared towards transparency – internally and externally
  • Fairness in competition
  • Independent control bodies

The path to the sustainability target operating model

With the target predefined by HSO, a comparison with your organization is determined within four dimensions, and the gaps are revealed.

For this purpose, the stakeholders or representatives of the individual functions are required to participate in the ESG Assessment:

  • ESG officer or internal working groups (if already set up)
  • Representative of the Governance & Compliance department
  • Representative of the data management department
  • IT application representative of the financial system
  • Human resources representative
  • 1

    Organization & Governance

    Ensuring that company leadership shares commitment to ESG issues and supports the importance of ESG in company strategy and culture. Management should take responsibility for ESG implementation and provide the necessary resources.

  • 2

    Policy & Processes

    Sustainability KPIs enable a company to quantify and measure its environmental, social and governance performance. They provide an objective benchmark to assess progress towards ESG goals and monitor current status.

  • 3

    System & Information

    Implement robust data management and analytics technologies to collect, process and analyze ESG-related data. This includes integrating ESG data sources, data attribution and mapping, data validation, and creating dashboards and reporting systems to monitor ESG performance.

  • 4

    Talent & People

    Ensuring employees have sufficient ESG knowledge and skills. Implement training programs and awareness-raising activities to promote awareness and understanding of ESG issues across the company.

ESG Assessment results: New insights and starting points

HSO will consolidate the information developed together in the ESG Assessment.

From this, HSO determines the following result documents, which give you the starting points for new activities.

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ESG Reporting: Transparency and proof of your sustainability strategy

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