Data Integration Middleware Accelerator

Empowering your integration journey while leveraging existing systems and taking advantage of modern cloud technologies.

Enhance efficiency, flexibility, and data-driven decision-making

The success of your technology heavily relies on the quality of integrations that connect it to the right data sources. Incorrect or faulty integration implementations can lead to failures, compromised performance, and significant financial costs.

HSO's Integration Middleware Accelerator is designed to decouple data integration and processing from applications, enhance maintainability, policies, and governance around all enterprise data movements. Additionally, middleware enforces security measures to protect data during transit and supports the integration of legacy systems with modern technologies.

A comprehensive approach to seamless integration

Part of HSO's DnA Framework, our Integration Middleware Accelerator develops a foundation for faster enablement of the Azure Data Platform so you can take advantage of modern cloud technologies while leveraging existing systems.

Azure Integration services (PaaS), including API Management, Service Bus, Event Grid, Function Apps, and Logic Apps, empowers users with a holistic approach to accelerate connections across various systems and applications. By bridging the gap between existing infrastructures and modern cloud technologies, this offer opens doors to enhanced data interoperability and reduced time-to-market value.

Bid farewell to integration complexities and welcome a streamlined process that optimizes workflows and enhances overall efficiency. Seamlessly connecting cloud, on-premises, and mobile systems, it ensures that your organization stays agile and adaptable, regardless of where your data resides.

Welcome the future of IT integration with confidence as this accelerator unleashes the true potential of your data and applications allowing your organization reach new heights.

Streamline integration processes, improve operational efficiency, and enable seamless data exchange across systems


  • Complex Integration Landscape
  • Time and Cost Constraints
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Scalability and Future-Proofing
  • Data Security and Compliance
What you'll get

Streamline, Connect, Accelerate

Empower your event-driven or message-based data exchanges and optimize business processes with the Integration Middleware Accelerator

HSO's DnA Framework

A comprehensive suite of data and analytics offerings designed to empower organizations in their data-driven journey and early adoption of Microsoft Fabric.

The only way for modern digital organizations to grow is by keeping data-driven insights as baseline for all strategic initiatives across the enterprise.

With HSO's DnA Framework, our data & analytics experts help you modernize your data state: devising your data strategy, designing and implementing an enterprise data platform, and activating your data.

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HSO's suite of data and analytics offerings designed to empower organizations in their data-driven journey

HSO's DnA Framework