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We believe every company is a software & data company in need of a strong platform. With over 100 integration specialists worldwide, we are the leading partner to deliver the integration platform for innovative ecosystems, enabling our customers to become more data-driven.

Valuable insights, data-driven decisions, and innovation across operations

Proper integration enhances data accessibility and empowers organizations to:

1. Derive valuable insights

Fully integrated data from all relevant sources enables you to extract meaningful and actionable insights. With the ability to analyze consolidated data, you can uncover patterns, trends, and correlations that drive smart, informed decision-making.

2. Make data-driven decisions

With a coherent data format, businesses can make data-driven decisions based on reliable and consistent information. This eliminates guesswork and enables organizations to rely on accurate data to drive their strategies and operations.

3. Fuel operational innovation

The streamlined data integration process facilitates innovation throughout operations. With a unified view, you can identify opportunities for optimization, automation, and new approaches to drive efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.


Why Azure Integration Services?

Our integration services for Azure help connect and integrate various applications, systems, and data sources across your cloud and on-premises environments, allowing you to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, improve data integration and accessibility, enable digital transformation initiatives and drive innovation.
  • 1

    Application Integration

    Integrate different applications and services seamlessly with connectors, adapters, and messaging capabilities to facilitate the smooth flow of data between applications, whether they are hosted on Azure, on-premise or hybrid.

  • 2

    Data Integration

    With data integration services like Azure Data Factory, we can enable efficient data movement, transformation, and orchestration to support analytics, reporting, and decision-making processes.

  • 3

    B2B Integration

    Facilitate B2B integrations with partners, suppliers, and customers, with capabilities like electronic data interchange (EDI) support, partner management, and secure message exchange.

  • 4

    API Economy

    With Azure API Management, we can provide services and APIs securely to internal or external developers. It provides features like authentication, throttling, versioning, and analytics to manage, monitor, and govern API usage.

  • 5

    Process Automation

    With serverless computing capabilities such as Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions, you can design and deploy integration workflows and process automation quickly- without worrying about infrastructure management, scaling, and availability.

  • 6

    Monitoring & Management

    We provide monitoring and management services to track and analyze the performance of your integrations, with logging, metrics, and diagnostic tools to troubleshoot issues and optimize integration processes.

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