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The Top Field Service Trends to Watch in 2023

Brenda Somich
20 Apr, 2022

The field service industry continues to grow and evolve at an unprecedented pace. For many field service leaders, maintaining awareness of current and emerging industry trends can be difficult – especially when your focus is on operating a successful business.

To help provide some insight into the evolving industry that is field service, we’ve assembled a list of trends we think are worth watching throughout the next year. Maybe you’ve already implemented some these trends. If not, perhaps they’ll offer some inspiration as your own organization evolves.

Contactless Service

The rise of contact free service will continue throughout 2022 as more and more consumers express their preference for maintaining distance from field technicians during the pandemic. While the idea of contactless service isn’t exactly new, the trend will likely see the utilization of IoT, AI and mixed reality into field service operations. In many cases, field service operations will shift to remote systems, which should help lower costs while promoting the health and safety of customers and technicians.

Automation, automation, automation

Manual tasks can quickly decrease efficiency and lead to delays in field service operations. Automation routine tasks enables field technicians and backoffice workers to focus on more vital tasks. With this in mind, the trend towards automation will continue throughout 2022. Look for many field service organizations to invest heavily in automation solutions, such as field service management software, I0T devices, sensors, and more.

Smarter, more proactive maintenance

While proactive maintenance isn’t a new philosophy, the tools and strategies field service organizations use to support the effort are continually evolving. In 2022, we expect many field service businesses to invest heavily in predictive data modeling solutions to support proactive maintenance efforts. IoT sensors and business intelligence will play a big role in identifying the most convenient and cost effective – not to mention safest – times to conduct proactive maintenance on equipment.

Client empowerment

Today, more than ever before, consumers want and expect the ability to resolve minor issues independently. Consumers also want visibility into the current status of repair orders and service requests, as well as appointment availability. To meet these expectations, many field service operations will turn to self-service portals, which enable clients to create service requests, track status of repairs, access troubleshooting data and more. Look for the rise of self-service solutions to be an important trend in the field service industry throughout 2022.  

Enhanced mobility

Technicians in the field require access to the information and tools needed to tackle and repair or maintenance task. In 2022, we are likely to see an increased emphasis on mobility solutions, like field service applications, mobile scheduling, and collaboration tools. With the rise of mobility, field service operations are likely to see an increase in efficiency, first contact resolutions and customer and technician satisfaction.   

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