The Journey to Seamless ESG Reporting & Beyond

Discover how HSO's ESG Preparedness Check and Sustainability Health Check can empower your business to leverage the challenges of ESG reporting into a strategic advantage.

Beyond Reporting to Business Opportunities

In the modern, ever-shifting business landscape the principles of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) influence the way we do businesses. While the European Union continues to expand and refine CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) requirements, the market simultaneously rewards businesses that invest in sustainability.

Investing in the right platform, tools, and technologies enables your business to quickly adapt to expanding ESG reporting requirements and generate valuable business opportunities. Moving beyond reporting to provide a future-proof strategy and strategic insights requires a customized approach guided by true experts.

HSO leverages our unique team of expertsMicrosoft's Sustainability Manager and HSO's DnA Framework to empower businesses to turn this imposed requirement into a competitive advantage.

The Hidden Cost of Manual ESG Reporting

In the complex world of ESG reporting, the push towards the strict regulatory framework of the CSRD emphasizes the immediate need for precision and efficiency. A recent KPMG study shows that despite what most organizations believe about their reporting capabilities, a massive 47% still rely on spreadsheets for data aggregation as part of their sustainability reporting activities.

This over-reliance on outdated practices is not only a failure to achieve modern efficiency standards, but also poses a real threat to an organization's bottom line. Beyond the substantial fines for non-compliance, continuing to rely on outdated reporting processes results in significant internal hidden costs.

In-house reporting costs

Relying on in-house reporting may seem like the most cost-efficient option, but that is usually not the case. Even with a small number of employees devoting a small percentage of their contract hours on manual ESG reporting, annual costs can quickly reach or exceed 50 - 80 thousand Euros a year. It's worth noting that these  calculations do not include the costs associated with mistakes that can easily arise with manual reporting processes.

By implementing an automated solution such as the Microsoft Sustainability Manager in collaboration with an experienced implementation partner,  organizations can simultaneously mitigate risks associated with CSRD non-compliance fines, and also the minimize hidden costs of keeping up with the ever-evolving demands of ESG reporting.

Getting Started

HSO's Sustainability Health Check

Achieving this unique strategic position involves a highly individualized journey depending on your business' data and sustainability maturity.

During HSO's Sustainability Health Check, we work together with key business stakeholders to uncover the IT landscape for effective ESG data management & reporting, focusing on four dimensions:

  1. Organization and governance
  2. Policy & processes
  3. Systems & information
  4. Talent & team

By working collaboratively with your internal team, HSO's Sustainability Health Check identifies gaps along these four dimensions. Our experts then provide an ESG roadmap filled with new insights and proven best practices to jump-start your business' journey.

But first: Let's examine your ESG data maturity together.

Before embarking on the full Sustainability Health Check together, we invite you to meet with our ESG and data experts for a free ESG Preparedness Check.

In this one-hour session, an HSO expert will help you examine your ESG data maturity. Shortly after this call, you'll receive a one-page summary on what current manual ESG processes can be automated.

The ESG Preparedness Check gives you confidence and clarity on the next steps of your sustainability strategy, setting the stage for you to:

  • identify strategic steps towards long-term ESG reporting
  • learn how to drive more insights, generating business opportunities
  • pinpoint unnecessary risks of any current manual ESG operations
  • discover cost-saving automation opportunities
  • maximize the benefits of a Sustainability Health Check

ESG Preparedness Check: By the Numbers

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