Manufacturing success with connected services - by Microsoft and HSO

Rising costs, competition, shifting patterns of consumer behavior, and increased customer expectations have driven manufacturers to reevaluate the way they do business and their relationship with customers. The answer for many companies is to build connected services that generate income, build customer trust, and enhance the customer experience.

In this new reality, how do you envision the future state of your organization?

We help manufacturers getting value out of their data. Microsoft offers the technology platform that connects and integrates systems and apps, eliminating siloes. We bring our deep industry experience, best practices and technical knowledge to the table, to help you realize the digital transformation you are looking for.

To get beyond the idea and pilot phase, a digital roadmap is essential. Where do you want to go and how do you actually get there? What steps to take, which blocks to build? That's why we start with our engagement offerings, such as our workshops, led by our solution architects.

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Connected services can help in many ways, such as providing predictive maintenance and generating new income by selling smart, connected products. Read more about the top benefits and challenges when implementing new technology for building stronger connections.

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Customer demands and expectations are on the rise. How to get to the benefits of connected services? 

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