Dynamics Product Search

Easily Search for Products using flexible filters and effortlessly Compare Products and their attributes

Finding exactly what you need in a massive set of product data is often a challenge. With Dynamics Product Search you can be confident you will find the best match for your customers’ requirements. Our solution offers the next level in finding the information you need from your product data.

Dynamics Product Search uses 2 sources of product-related data; product-related attributes and almost any (released) product-related field with the help of an easy-to-create query. All this data can be used simultaneously during your search!


Search form functionality

When using the text search bar, operators such as wildcards and quotes can be used to define your search in more detail. Combined with Azure’s search-as-you-type technology, which gives suggested search results as soon as you start typing, the form makes it quick and easy to find exactly what you need. The result is displayed as product cards with an image. The layout for the cards is fully configurable.

Having difficulties with quickly finding the right product(s) in Dynamics 365?

Delight your customers and/or users with amazing search capabilities in an easy-to-use interface, based on any product-related data and powered by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search. Create a fast and efficient search experience, even with more than 500,000 products in your database!

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