Microsoft Standard Migration Assessment

A successful upgrade to Dynamics 365 begins with the right migration strategy

Is your organisation cloud-ready?

It’s no coincidence that more and more companies are switching from Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Business applications in the cloud offer flexibility, support faster innovation and help you to respond better to market demands. Cloud software is constantly improving and when using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure technology, you are assured of the highest level of security. But where do you start?

An upgrade to Dynamics 365 comes with a few important questions:

  • What does an upgrade process entail?
  • What will the impact on your organisation, processes and employees be?
  • Do you have insight into the differences between your current Dynamics AX application and the potential capabilities of Dynamics 365?
  • How should you manage your data when migrating to the cloud?

HSO offers companies the Microsoft Standard Migration Assessment to get answers to these important questions in a short time and without an extra investment.

HSO has been selected by Microsoft to perform this assessment for companies that want to make the move from AX to Dynamics 365.

After the assessment, you will clearly see the benefits the cloud has to offer, the impact on your business processes and what is needed for a successful upgrade.

The first step of a successful cloud journey

The Standard Migration Assessment is the first step of a journey to the cloud and provides insight into the benefits of the upgrade, the upgrade process and the expected Return on Investment (ROI).

The Assessment provides insight into:

  • The differences between Dynamics AX on-premise v. Dynamics 365 Finance in the cloud.
  • How Dynamics 365 supports the realisation of your business objectives.
  • How the migration will be organised. We start by using standard functionality as much as possible. This reduces cost and effort at the same time.
  • A proposal for either a more detailed analysis of your upgrade or for the implementation itself.

How does the Assessment work?

  1. After a review, we organise a two-day workshop, in which the ERP manager and/or the IT manager, key users from the business and other relevant stakeholders are present.
  2. We perform the Functional review.
  3. We perform the Technical review.
  4. Finally, we produce the Deliverables, based on the output from the workshops.

During the workshops:

  • We take a closer look at the business processes: which processes are currently supported by Dynamics AX?
  • We conduct a technical review of your current AX configuration: which customisations are in use and can Dynamics 365 standard functionality replace them?
  • We compile a summary of the most important functionalities for your organisation in Dynamics 365.
  • We map customisations, ISV applications, localisations and interfaces, review what extent the organisation depends on these, and how can they be migrated to Dynamics 365?

Based upon the functional and technical review, we draw up an ERP Modernisation Assessment report that contains an overview of all aspects that need to be considered. You will receive a final presentation in which we present our findings and recommendations.

What we need from you:

  • Prior to the workshop, we schedule a review with the ERP owner and/or IT Manager.
  • HSO requires access to all systems and applications.
  • During the workshop sessions (approximately 2 days), we need availability of the CXO, the ERP owner/IT Manager, business department leads and other relevant stakeholders.
  • The ERP owner/IT Manager must be present for the final presentation.

After the SMA you receive:

  • A report with a proposal for the correct migration approach, including recommendations on any existing customisations.
  • A report of the functional assessment, technical assessment and go-forward recommendations for the decision the organisation.
The stages

Standard Migration Assessment

  • 1

    Project Initiation

    • Initial stakeholder meeting on scope
    • Share assessment goals
    • System access

  • 2

    Functional Review

    • Assessment of new capabilities and enhancements against existing functional Dynamics AX configuration
    • High-level business process review

  • 3

    Technical Review

    • Customisations, ISV and interface assessment and mapping with D365 Finance standard functionality
    • Analysis of data migration requirements
    • Requirements definition of the technical D365 architecture and other platform requirements

  • 4


    • Project scope definition in HSO Business Function Model
    • Mapping of Dynamics AX solution (inc. ISVs) v. D365 Finance standard functionality
    • Findings of functional & technical assessments and recommendations
    • Project migration approach including timelines and budget estimates

The Standard Migration Assessment is a cost-effective approach that provides you with the right information to decide whether, when and how to make the transition from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365.

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