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Paula Bianca: 
Meet Performance-driven Paula!

Meet Paula Bianca Francisco, Manager, Architecture Team

I graduated in 2005 and started working in 2016 as a CRM consultant and Software Developer with CRM Dynamics (acquired by HSO in 2021) and soon got promoted to Senior Engineer.

Although my time in HSO is under a year we haven’t had to dramatically change the way we work because our standards and values were already very aligned, and it has just been an expansion of that. We share the same culture, values, and sentiment about diversity and collaboration, and I feel recognized in the business.

I lead a team of four and people tell me that I have great leadership skills, but personally, I just think it is natural to put yourself forward and use your initiative. It is an honor to be recognized for that. Since my colleagues and seniors believe in me and see this potential in me, then it is an opportunity to advance in my profession and contribute even more to the company. I am new to team management, and I am looking forward to improving in that area which is a big drive for me.

I am performance-driven, always learning, and growing as I progress in my career, and I am now at a stage where I want to do more. I intend to further acquire certifications, particularly in Azure. I believe that in any profession we all have room to thrive and discover new things, especially in this industry where technology is always evolving.

I work from the Philippines with the Canadian office, and I really enjoy the flexibility of work. I have school and errand runs during the day, put in some work in between, and then cross over with the Canadian team by end of the day.

Meet Paula Bianca Francisco

I am so happy knowing that I will be with HSO over the coming years and part of its growth. There is much we have been absorbed into and I am really looking forward to it all!