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BronxConnect Shows How Even the Smallest Can Do Big Things with the Cloud

Petra Eimiller
29 sept., 2021

BronxConnect, a community and faith-based program that provides alternatives to detention, incarceration, and violence prevention and an HSO client, was recently featured in The Chronicle of Philanthropy … and with good reason; this organization is tackling head on the epidemic by using asset-based mentoring to connect court-involved and high-risk youth and young adults with positive local community resources. Like so many, BronxConnect struggled with the lack of non-profit case management software.

After visiting with clients in the field, staff would transfer handwritten case notes onto forms. After implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based CRM system, for case management, that all went away. Not only are case managers more efficient, but they can also get all the information on a client in one place–including case notes and progress, giving them more time to work with their clients.

As a cloud-based non-profit case management solution, Dynamics 365 also offered game-changing secure, remote access, allowing case managers to easily find sensitive information like social security cars and birth certificates they need to do their jobs. And they can now do their jobs from anywhere, with the ability to meet clients where they are. That improves participation and outcomes as well as outreach.

No non-profit is too small to benefit from technology and the cloud

Most non-profits are small, like BronxConnect. In fact, the vast majority have only a few people on staff. However, they still need tools to help them advance their mission, and that’s what Dynamics 365 and other cloud technology can do for any organization: providing the tools they need for better collaboration, data storage and access, and management of critical processes, but without the complexity and IT overhead.

Cloud-based non-profit solutions address productivity, business processes, data management, accounting, analysis and reporting, and more. In addition to case management, BronxConnect is now able to use the data the case managers are collecting every day as they work with their clients to identify trends and gain insights that will help them understand how to make more of an impact with their services and advance their mission.

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