Enterprise Automation in Manufacturing

In this whitepaper you will read about the opportunities and challenges of Enterprise Automation in manufacturing: what are manufacturers struggling with, where does automation give them competitive advantage and what is needed to accelerate their capabilities.


Automation offers companies opportunities to redefine their business and create new possibilities for processes, operations, innovation and ways of working. It comes from the need for flexibility, the ability to adapt to changing market demands and to improve processes. Automation accelerates the digital transformation companies are looking for in order to stay competitive and resilient.

IDC reports that 80% of global organizations are already engaged in executing their digital-first strategy. (IDC Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey – Wave 1 2021). This means that in a lot of companies, the scale of automation initiatives will go up. But in practice, what does this mean for organizations? What are the challenges when the opportunities for - but also the expectations of - extensive automation will increase?

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