Chapter 5

Harness financial data to enable the future of retail

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is a cloud-based finance solution that enables retail executives to monitor financial performance in real-time, predict outcomes, and use data-driven insights to react quickly to changing market conditions.

Key capabilities

  • 1

    Insights and Strategy

    Insights and strategyA centralized source of information combined with deep data and process integrations across Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and partner applications—saves time, facilitates cross-organizational collaboration, and enables faster data-driven decisions. AI-powered capabilities enable you to quickly understand your company’s cash position and proactively act to improve it.

  • 2

    Performance and growth

    Increase profitability and cash flow with predictive recommendations and proactive guidance. Boost efficiency across the business with financial process automation, budget control, and financial planning tools.

    Expand faster—whether optimizing across subsidiaries, acquiring companies, or growing organically—with rapid deployment across 42 regions and 47 languages.

  • 3

    Process and productivity

    Get more done with customizable workspaces, Microsoft 365 integrations, and intelligent tools that help automate tasks. Use predictive insights and automation to effectively manage credit and collections processes, close books faster, and simplify global financial management with in-depth reporting capabilities, financial intelligence, and embedded real-time analytics.

  • 4

    Compliance and risk

    Leverage credit management tools that minimize risks while delivering flexibility and control for global organizations. Automate revenue forecasting, allocation, recognition, subscriptions, and renewals and reporting through a rule-based event handling process that enables you to report financial statements and comply with accounting standards, including IFRS 15 and ASC.

Be prepared to meet tomorrow’s retail challenges

In an increasingly volatile marketplace, harnessing retail data has never been more important. Whether it’s using data to optimize internal process or purchasing decisions, or even open stores in promising new markets, retailers need the data insights and business intelligence to keep their organizations ahead of the competition.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance enables C-level executives to successfully lead retailers into the digital future. This modern cloud-based finance system not only reduces silos between departments, but also extracts key insights that are valuable across the organization.

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