Chapter 1

Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 has taken manufacturing to the next level, handing processes over to technology, smart machines, and artificial intelligence (AI). These transformations often happen in isolation, creating siloed environments that miss the bigger purpose of digitalisation. But when a company connects data among people, programmes and processes, this creates a digital Smart Factory of the Future.

Digital transformation key themes

Digital transformation within the manufacturing industry comes in many flavours, however the key themes can be summarised into six areas.
  • 1

    Resilient Supply Chain

  • 2

    Connecting your business

  • 3

    Data insights

  • 4

    Your workforce is key

  • 5

    Building good relationships

  • 6

    Digital Innovation

Your business may be able to take advantage of some or all these components and can use the thinking behind them to help innovate new ways to improve the service offerings, efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of your business.