Chapter 2

Putting customers at your core

To provide a retail experience that addresses the needs of your customers and alleviates as many of their pain points as possible, a good place to start is by understanding who they are. The most important thing is to see things from their perspective, by stepping into their world, and finding out what they need to make their lives easier.
Since 2015 Tesco Korea has been setting an example when it comes to starting with the customer. South Koreans are known to have some of the longest working hours in the world, often too busy for traditional grocery shopping. In response to the needs of its customers, retail giant Tesco introduced its first “virtual stores”; product displays on walls at bus stops and subways.

Commuters are now able to shop on-the-go using their smartphones to scan the displayed QR products, placing orders while they wait for their ride to or from work.
After scheduling a delivery time, customers receive their goods shortly after they get home.

As a result, the global food retailer saw a 130% increase in online sales, and a 76% rise in site registrations within just a few months of launching.