Chapter 9

Achieving customer convenience with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The tools available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 enable retailers to provide exceptional service, and create seamless commerce and omni-channel customer experiences.

In an era of the empowered consumer, Microsoft is empowering retailers to create amazing customer experiences through intelligent operations; driving business success today and into the future.

Here’s how:

  • 1

    Customer engagement

    Understand and engage with your customers throughout their shopping journey and get a 360° view of all their engagements with you across all your channels.

    Customer profile, history, preferences that follow across channels, cross-channel customer sales reports, and targeted promotions based on customer segmentation enable you to holistically understand and respond to the needs of your customers at every level of engagement.

  • 2


    Utilise a robust set of core product, pricing, and promotions management capabilities to meet merchandising needs for your business.

    Merchandising entities and constructs are consistent across channels and channel types, while at the same time allowing for channel-specific configurations. Best price algorithms automatically calculate the best price during checkout if multiple discounts are applicable.

  • 3

    Unified commerce, order and inventory management

    Unified data entities and business logic across all sales channels allow your business to offer seamless omni-channel experiences for your customers.

    Inventory management capabilities such as automatic replenishment allow you to maintain optimal inventory levels in your stores and warehouses more quickly.

  • 4

    Modern store operations

    Manage your stores more efficiently, help increase sales, adapt to changing needs, and provide outstanding customer service by implementing the latest technology, tools, and innovation.

    The unified point of sale app enables modern, role-tailored, rich, and immersive experiences entailing client scenarios as well as a broad range of traditional transactional capabilities.

  • 5

    Workforce management

    Dynamics 365 for Retail enables a globally diverse workforce to be productive and to provide the best customer experience. Administrators can easily manage many workers to safeguard system access and company data, while simultaneously providing store associates with a productive and personalised experience whilst using the system.

  • 6

    Intelligence and analytics

    Role-based personalised workspaces, advanced data analytics, and visualisations using Power BI, along with BI reports available directly at POS ensure your employees have access to the right data to drive business decisions. Machine learning-based intelligence capabilities provide an unprecedented level of operational capability by contextually weaving intelligence into existing operational scenarios.

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