Chapter 3

Deliver exceptional service

Enhance customer engagements by delivering service at the right time, the first time

Connected and customized service engagements personalize the service experience for customers by providing them with visibility into scheduled services, self-service, service history, and insights throughout the process.

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HSO Connected Field Service

Connected Field Service can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction. A properly resolved service call increases loyalty and can also generate significant additional revenue.

On the other hand, an unresolved or poorly resolved service call easily damages your relationships. Where do you start when you want to accelerate your field service processes.

Potential benefits

  • Meet customer expectations with on-time scheduling and technician location information
  • Ensure that technicians are traveling into the field with the exact parts and information they need
  • Deliver more value to end users by decreasing downtime for connected products
  • Equip service professionals with the ability to manage appointments, schedules, route mapping, bookings, and customer work data
  • Help technicians learn on the job with remote guides, remote assist, and other technologies
  • Ensure technicians have the latest asset data, synchronized across Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain

HSO Offerings & Products

Offerings to accelerate connected services