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Successful manufacturers are embracing change and challenging the status quo. Such a move brings a wealth of opportunities to drive productivity improvements, cost savings, market differentiation, customer insights and new revenue streams.

Robots with boxes in a manufacturing plant

The challenge for businesses lies in how to harness the disruptive force of these technologies and translate it into competitive advantage. So why are many manufacturers still not realising the step-change improvements that are available to them?

Manufacturing worldwide accounts for approximately 16% of global GDP and 14% of employment. However, the way in which it contributes to the economy is changing and taking a dynamic shift as nations mature; in economies today, manufacturing is promoting innovation, productivity, and trade. Manufacturers have also begun to consume more services and are relying more heavily on them to operate.

Do some of these points resonate with you?

  • 1

    No Digital Strategy

    Decision makers are struggling to define your organisation’s digital strategy or the potential return on investment

  • 2

    Legacy systems stalling progress

    Your organisation's systems don't give you a true picture of your data so that you can make reliable decisions

  • 3

    No future-proofing

    Your organisation's current methods seen as “good enough for now” and no time being set aside to identify new ways of working

The ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ is as much about knowledge, strategy and collaboration as it is about technology

In order to become more resilient and responsive to whatever the future may bring, manufacturers must grasp the concept of digital transformation and its potential to optimise their operations, empower employees, engage with customers, and transform their products and services. Now is the time for manufacturers to take their willingness to embrace physical technologies, as seen in the previous revolutions driven by steam, electricity and robotics, and apply it to digital solutions.

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