Chapter 4

Single accountable person

The survey suggested a difference of opinion between council chief executives and other senior officers about one of the white paper’s central suggestions: the appointment of a single accountable person in each place.

The document says: “There should be a single person, accountable for shared outcomes in each place or local area, working with local partners (e.g. an individual with a dual role across health and care or an individual who leads a place-based governance arrangement).”

The survey found that overall more respondents supported this proposal than opposed it, with 40% backing the idea, 28% opposing it and 5% saying their area already has such a person.

However, council chief executives appeared much less positive about this aspect of the reforms – albeit on a relatively small sample – with six saying they were against it, compared with just two in favour.

A number of clear themes emerged when respondents were asked about the biggest barriers to their council and its partners successfully integrating health and social care.