Chapter 4

The HSO approach

Minimizing Risk & Maximizing Reward

HSO is experienced in guiding carve-in/carve-out activities for our clients all over the world. We leverage our expertise to minimize or eliminate potential risks while empowering businesses to make the most of the opportunities presented by the re-organization.

At HSO we dig deeper, guiding the overall change management process, including IT infrastructure, to set our clients up for real, long-term success.

The Three P's: People, Process, Product

Achieving operational excellence during carve-in and carve-out scenarios involves the strategic application of key principles to ensure a smooth and successful transition. HSO follows three key principles for successful transformation during a carve-in/carve-out:

  1. People: HSO helps businesses prioritize the well-being and engagement of employees affected by the carve-in/carve-out. This minimizes resistance to change and supports retainment of key talent critical to the success of the transition.
  2. Product: We ensure seamless integration and optimization of technology platforms to support the evolving needs of the organization. This improves efficiency, streamlines processes, and ensures a cohesive technological landscape.
  3. Process: HSO applies systematic and strategic application of efficient workflows, methodologies, and best practices to achieve optimal performance and business success.
What sets HSO apart


Customer Case

Successful carve-out and cloud transition at Heras

Carve-out IT platform including business critical applications and implementation modern workplace at international organisation

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