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Chapter 5

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How HSO can help

As a leading business transformation partner, HSO is experienced in the field of advising and implementing platform-wide solutions to support successful mergers and acquisitions. From data center and workplace migrations to migrating application and data landscapes. HSO can also play a role in increasing insight by linking, structuring and visualizing different (potential) data sources in dashboards, so that you quickly get an accurate picture of the financial health of the various business units.

Carve-in and carve-outs focus on quickly getting to know the acquired company and assessing its technological status and associated risks to arrive at a clear, structured exposition of the transformation scenarios.

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Get started with our Carve-in/Carve Out Assessment

Reducing risks and maximizing rewards of a merger, acquisition, or spinoff requires a specially-tailored strategy and approach that depends on your organization's objectives and current IT capabilities.

During the HSO Carve-out/Carve-in Assessment, we work with you to:

  • clearly identify future challenges, gaps, and risks
  • align business processes with IT requirements
  • precisely define the scope of the carve-in/carve-out

After collaborating with your team to understand where you are and where you'd like to go, our experts then provide a comprehensive Carve-in/Carve-out Roadmap that supports a streamlined project execution, reducing the likelihood of encountering unforeseen challenges.

But first: Let's align your business & technological goals.

Before collaborating together on the Carve-in/Carve-out Assessment together, we invite you to meet with our expert for a short Carve-in/Carve-out Alignment Analysis.

  • Gain clarity on how your carve-in/carve-out supports your overall business vision and/or solves existing business challenges
  • Understand how to align your technological landscape with your current and future business goals
  • Learn best practices from current success stories

In this free, 1-hour call our HSO experts will

Carve-in/Carve-out Alignment Analysis

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