Chapter 4

Uncover ‘invisible’ opportunities hidden in plain sight

Here's what your technology project’s success also depends on

Of course, you could have the most expensive technology available. It won’t make a bit of difference unless your colleagues know how to use it and see the benefit of doing so.

So your technology project’s success also depends on:

  • Correctly identifying who’s responsible for what.
  • Getting buy-in from the people who will use it.
  • Bringing colleagues up to speed on whichever tools matter to them.
  • Structuring your training – in specific, proven ways - to make these new improvements stick.

These extra considerations are easy to ignore. Yet we’ve found they result in successful project delivery. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform. These platforms are so accessible, you may already have them as part of your current license agreement.

Armed with the right skills, anyone can now use them to:

  • Build custom, low-code apps to solve any problem – with Power Apps’ easy drag-and-drop tools.
  • Discover new relationships hidden in your data – and get accurate answers to any business question in real time – with Power BI.
  • Speed up communication, collaborate and manage tasks from a single hub – with Microsoft Teams.
  • Automate all your gruelling repetitive work – by combining Virtual Agents with Power Automate.

In our experience, fewer than 10% of companies get maximum value from these tools. By devising a customised training plan – to suit you and your colleagues work, and your organisation – your HSO technology partner uncovers new “invisible” opportunities. Many of them are hidden under your nose.