Chapter 2

Instantly overcome your technology project’s biggest threat

Technology projects fail when they’re disorganised

Scattered information sends conflicting signals to each department. Nobody can make accurate decisions in the moments that matter. Meanwhile, problems escalate as duplicated and/or inaccurate data piles into different silos.

It’s why HSO technology projects begin with your current setup.

  • What do you already have in place?
  • What solutions are you using, and what little-known tools have you missed?
  • How are your systems connected – and could they be simplified?

These are just some of the questions to answer.

From there, our focus moves to Microsoft Azure and the Common Data Platform. By organising your data, applications and tools onto a single cloud platform, Azure:

  • Speeds up decisions: Bring together data from all your departments, applications and systems to reveal new insights you hadn’t seen before.

  • Reduces security stress: 3,500 Microsoft professionals constantly strengthen its systems against hackers. Your tools and applications automatically keep pace with new updates as they happen.

  • Slashes overheads: Save on physical storage and security costs. With Azure, you’re part of the world’s largest cloud network. It effortlessly reconfigures to your needs - as you scale up or down. HSO clients typically save 30% on their project’s hosting.

How you use Azure depends on your key goals

  • Big, quantifiable goals tend to suit a traditional planned project. Everything is plotted ahead of time - according to a tested, proven roadmap. Your new systems are launched on Azure all at once.
  • Smaller “side” goals are more experimental. You test and refine ideas outside your main operation, building
    your solution in bite-sized chunks. Once your project is ready – with everyone’s full approval – Azure connects it to the rest of your business with ease.

Don’t consider Azure until you know which project template is right for you.