Chapter 3

Harness the hidden insights buried in your data

Once your project goals are clear, Microsoft has everything needed to:

  • Get instant answers to any business question – by analysing data in real-time.
  • Reduce overheads – by simplifying your systems and cutting out unnecessary third-party software.
  • Boost efficiency – by connecting all your data, workflows and activities, while automating repetitive tasks between them.

Nevertheless, it’s a vast and complicated stack of solutions to choose from.

How can you instantly know which matters most to you?

To solve this problem, your HSO as your technology partner works with experts in your specific industry. They have specialist knowledge of:

  • Your particular problems.
  • The Microsoft solutions that will deliver the best results for you.
  • And how they combine with your processes.

Most likely, their suggestions will involve Microsoft Dynamics 365.

By connecting to ALL your business data, this extraordinary suite of cloud-based applications provides:

  • A complete ERP solution, customised to your operation.
  • Industry-specific solutions, with tools for consumer insights, fraud protection, supply chains, field services and more.
  • Startling new improvements you’d otherwise miss. Dynamics 365’s artificial intelligence tools constantly seek new ways to strengthen your processes as new information pours in.

Everything is 100% flexible.

You only pay for the business applications you actually need and use.

Again, it’s why skimping on your technology partner makes no sense.

Getting the right help now may cost a little more upfront. However, it makes every corner of your operation more efficient and effective. By simplifying your software, you keep ongoing costs to a minimum. You could even consolidate many existing third-party tools – for an immediate savings.

There’s no risk to begin.