Chapter 5

Get expert guidance from veterans in your industry (Retail)

HSO delivered the project to AO’s demanding timescales, matched our pace, and delivered with speed, but without compromising on the quality”.

Ab Ovo (Professional Services)

"After just two months and with fifteen staff using the CRM system, the results were immediately noticeable for executives, business developers, business unit managers and account managers."

Caldic (Distribution)

HSO has sufficient knowledge and know-how in many disciplines, not only ERP but also CRM and business analytics. And precisely because all technology and applications are increasingly being integrated, we need a partner who has all this knowledge in-house.

A bird's eye view of a group of houses

Sunderland City Council (Public Sector)

"Over 1,500 homes across the city now have assistive technology. It provides reassurance for the families, but also gives independence for the individual.

Boden (Fashion Retail)

"We needed a platform that connected commerce delivery, and we needed it to scale as the business evolves. HSO and Dynamics have given us the ability to do this."