Chapter 1

3 reasons to choose Microsoft as your new technology vendor


Your first reason is obvious: familiarity. You know and understand much of Microsoft’s software. You and your colleagues likely use Microsoft in their everyday work, so you save time training and bringing them up to speed.


Microsoft’s cloud platform and tools are compatible with other third-party systems too. It connects to Adobe, SAP, Amazon – and other software you already use. You don’t have to tear everything down and start afresh.


Finally, it’s scalable. You only pay for the solutions you actually need.

This is where the right technology partner effectively pays for themselves.

Once they understand how these solutions relate to you, they’re in a position to:

  • Get your new project launched in record time.
  • Keep your ongoing costs to an absolute minimum.

After 30 years, of serving 1,200+ unique clients, we’ve seen every sort of technology challenge and built tested, proven templates to fast-track your project. 80% of your project can be plotted ahead of time – with predictable results. You’re also matched with HSO project experts from your industry.

They understand every detail of Microsoft’s stack, how it relates to your work - and how our project templates can be customised to your specific needs. The easiest way to begin is with a free business value assessment. Read more!